Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Top 10 Films of the Year: The Rest Of It!

To make up for some lost time (I was sick for about two weeks, had to catch up with school, make up an entire English project that I missed, and now finals week, I really shouldn't be posting), I've decided to post he rest of the random categories I selected, not the rest of the top 10 films, which will still be getting their own pages, but the rest of the, well, you'll see.

Honorable Mentions:
Spike Jonze - Adaptation
The Coen Brothers - Blood Simple
Terry Gilliam - Brazil
Daryl Wein - Breaking Upwards
Michael Haneke - Cache
David Slade - Hard Candy
Quentin Tarantino - Inglourious Basterds
Pascal Laughlier - Martyrs
Duncan Jones - Moon
David Lynch - Mullholland Dr.

Top 5:
#5 Spike Jonze - Where The Wild Things Are
#4 John Cameron Mitchell - Hedwig and the Angry Inch
#3 Lars von Trier - Antichrist
#2 David Lynch - Inland Empire
#1 Charlie Kaufman - Synecdoche, New York

Supporting Actors:
Honorable Mention:

Robert De Niro- Brazil

Top 5:

#5 Stanley Tucci - The Lovely Bones
#4 Tom Noonan - Synecdoche, New York
#3 Eugene Hutz - Everything Is Illuminated
#2 Daryl Sabara - World's Greatest Dad
#1 Christoph Waltz - Ingourious Basterds

Supporting Actresses:
Honorable Mention:

Andrea Martin - Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Top 5:

#5 Andrea Martin - Breaking Upwards
#4 Hope Davis - Synecdoche, New York
#3 Katharine Helmond - Brazil
#2 Cathrine Keener - Synecdoche, New York
#1 Dianne Wiest - Synecodoche, New York

Top 5:

#5 Zoe Lister-Jones - Breaking Upwards
#4 Ellen Page - Hard Candy
#3 Naomi Watts - Mulholland Dr.
#2 Charlotte Gainsbourg - Antichirst
#1 Laura Dern - Inland Empire

Honorable Mention:

Max Records - Where The Wild Things Are

Top 5:

#5 Sam Rockwell - Moon
#4 Robin Williams - World's Greatest Dad
#3 Willem Dafoe - Antichrist
#2 John Cameron Mitchell - Hedwig And The Angry Inch
#1 Phillip Seymour Hoffman - Synecdoche, New York


  1. Love to see love for Inland Empire. That movie is all kinds of genius. Brazil...not so much.

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