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#9-World's Greatest Dad (2009)

World's Greatest Dad

Despite it's fun loving poster, the fact that it stars Robin Williams, and Daryl Sabara from Spy Kids, and has a family-friendly PG title, World's Greatest Dad is definatly not for kids, and whole-heartedly deserves it's R rating. Written and directed by raunchy stand-up comedian Bobcat Goldthwait, this film should get a nomination for Best Original Screenplay, it probably won't, and if it does, it won't win, but it should. Goldthwait and Williams are longtime friends, and even did stand-up together for a few years. After Goldthwait dropped out of that kind of comedy bussiness, he went into his own. Writing and directing adult comedies. Most of which are unheard of, his titles include: Shakes The Clown, Sleeping Dogs Lie, and this film. And after watching this, you'll really want to see his others.

The story, as mentioned above is very original. Robin Williams plays a school-teacher named Lance, who happens to be teaching a failing poetry class, which is soon to be canceled due to the schools lack of budget. Though he is a teacher, he really wants to be a writer, he has written five whole novels, none of which have been published. He also happens to have, quite possible, the worst son ever, Kyle. He is obnoxious, foul-mouthed, annoying, crude, and addicted to pornography. Lance is currently dating a much younger woman, who Kyle highly dissaproves of. But then, something happens, something I won't spoil here. But something that will change Lance's writing career forever.

I simply loved the writing here by Goldthwait. The film does go to low ground in it's terms of comedy, with puke, fart, and mastarbation jokes, but, somehow, they are all pulled off masterfully. And, after these crude moments pass, the film always rises above the standard comedy bar to bring you some truly great stuff. This is adult humor, both in the sense that children shouldn't see it, and in the sense, that children wouldn't get it. the film is however, very, very dark, and had me close to tears at some points. In fact, while it plays out like a comedy, it is, on it's true side, a very sad drama.

"Jose stop. You didn't write that. That's a Queen/Bowie song. Under Pressure."

Both Robin Williams and Daryl Sabara give amazing performances as Father and Son respectivly. Daryl Sabara strayed away from his Spy Kid roots with this film. His actions are almost as terrible as his mouth, but, as much as you hate him, you probably laugh with him the most. I love Robin Williams. Just as a rule, but I have been doubting his ability the last few years. He certainly has proved me wrong. Much like Jim Carrey in Eternal Sunshine, Will Ferrel in Stranger Than Fiction, and Adam Sandler in Punch-Drunk Love, Robin Williams is simply best when he is serious. His comedies are fun to watch, he is good at being, goofy, zany, and wacked out, but he is even better, playing a person.

Goldthwait directed and shot this film nearly pitch-perfect. Each scene goes exactly how it should, the characters interact realisticly and he has a very nice ear for music. In fact, the only flaw that I had with this film was the ending. For a movie that is all about lies, mess-ups, and dysfunction, it has a pretty easy-going closed book ending, the stops the film very ubruptly. As much as I hate to say it, this film would have gotten a five out of five had it not been for the ending.

Overall, World's Greatest Dad, is one of the greatest films of the year, that unfoutanetly no one has really heard of, except people, who want to hear about things like this. The acting, story direction, music, and everything else came together for a nice little package from a great new voice in the Hollywood writing industry. Both Robin Williams and Daryl Sabara break out of their shells, and perform excellently, and hopefully, find a new genre to continue work in. The film is dark, funny, sad, and you'll come out of it telling your friends "Robin Williams is naked, and that's not the weird part." Unfourtanetly for the film, the ending was too nice, and too complete, and did hinder the experinence, if only slightly.

I Give World's Greatest Dad A:

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