Thursday, December 16, 2010

Top 10 Films of the Year: Screenplays

Top 5 Screenplays:
Adapted and Original

Honorable Mentions:
-Charlie Kaufman
-(Based on the novel The Orchid Theif by Susan Orlean)


-Terry Gilliam
-Tom Stoppard
-Charles McKeown

Inland Empire

-David Lynch

The Nines

-John August


-Nathan Parker
-Duncan Jones

Top 5 Screenplays:


Breaking Upwards
-Daryl Wein
-Zoe Lister Jones
-Peter Duchan

Hard Candy
-Brian Nelson

Where The Wild Things Are
-Spike Jonze
-Dave Eggers
-(Based on the book by Maurice Sendak)

Inglorious Basterds
-Quentin Tarantino

Synecdoche, New York
-Charlie Kaufman


  1. I love Synecdoche New York, its one of the best stories ive encountered for years.

  2. It remains one of my favorites. I didn't like it much the first time through, but upon multiple viewings something just clicked in my head. I feel that sometimes people are more down on this one than say, Eternal Sunshine, or Adaption. Excellent, excellent film.