Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sit Or Skip: October 1st 2010

I've decided to try out a new idea that I've had for awhile this month. It's a new...'segment' if you can dig that. What I try to do, is list most, or all of the major realeses and a few smaller ones that are slated for any given week (trailers, posters, and stills added to taste) and then a paragraph or two on why I'll be sitting through that movie in theatres or skipping it until it comes out on DVD, because I think that every movie should be given a chance. And with so many horror movies coming out in October, and so many horror movies being the same, I decided to try and whittle my way through them, for your entertainment. So what are we waiting for?

October 1st, 2010
-The Social Network
I am a facebook user, and I am nearly addicted to the site. It's well made, has a sleek design, and rarely crashes. That being said, the court-case behind the site is probably more interesting than most things people post, and so a movie coming out about Mr. Zuckerberg is somewhat of a little gem. With Jessie Eisenberg, -who is turning out to be Michael Cera's rival- in place of Zukerberg, and with rumors flying about the film potraying him in a negative light, this may be a turn for Eisenberg, and not have him playing his usual geek role. The concept is interesting a Facebook movie, whether not it will be completely succesful is unclear, but it will most likely be this weeks top box-office performer.

-Let Me In
Let Me In is an American remake of a Swedish film, that was based on a Swedish novel. Now I totally and completely adored the orignal film, though I have yet to read the novel. It all had this kind of pure innocence about it. Based on the trailer, the remake has me a bit worried. It looks like they are taking out the decent romance for brawly action sequences, which is not where it suppose to go. Add in that we're now trying to make money from an American audience, and it takes place in Utah instead of Sweden, and this could be one big train-wreck. But I still will be seeing this (even before The Social Network) because I sill hold out hope that this could be something excellent.

-Case 39
This is one that I will definatly be skipping. The film was suppose to come out a long time ago -I've had it saved in my Netflix queue for over a year now- and the film is just now coming out. When something like this happens, it usually means the the film isn't going to be that good, and it doesn't surprise me. The trailer makes the movie look very effects heavy, and that typically doesn't work the effects don't look that good. I'll most likely end up renting it because it has a decent supporting cast, including Jodelle Ferland and Ian McShane.

So what will you be watching? I for one am definatly excited for, and will most likely see, both The Social Network and Let Me In, but will be skipping over Case 39. If I could only pick one, Let Me In would be the one, but I might have to go double feature this week, as they are both are getting rave reviews. I am right? I am wrong? Tell what you think, what you'll be watching, and we'll find out this weekend.

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